Hello and Welcome to the site!

Please forgive the very long absence.

I have not been able to access my site for some time due to changes within the webhost/website builder I use. However, recently I was finally able to find a contact number to correct those issues. I spoke to a very pleasant representative who found the problem and corrected it expeditiously and I thank him tremendously!^^

Without getting into detail, I have recently been using a new doll pattern as a physical therapy. Once they are clothed, I will make a page of the evolution of this new pattern by showing the first completed doll made to the current completed doll made.

As for new commissions...at this time I don't feel comfortable enough to take on new commssions. However, the dolls I am currently making will be available for sale when they are 100% completed and clothed. - Although, I am unsure which direction to go for sales (ie sell via this site, a seperate sales site, etc.). Once I have decided the direction, I will announce it.

Again, Thank you for your understanding.



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