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Plushes are intended for display and not intended for children under 12 years of age.

Some images on this site, such as sprites, kao anis, etc related to Inuyasha, when used, are not available due to an agreement I made with the person (From Inuyasha Sprites/Access Inuyasha) who made a few of the sprites shown throughout this website (quite a few of the sprites were made by yours truely and all the buttons were made by me). All other images are the property of KodamaAngel, unless otherwise stated, and if used must be given credit to KodamaAngel or the appropriate owner.

Although the Inuyasha Sprites/Access Inuyasha sites are now closed, the agreement is still in place indefinitely. Sorry guys. But, you can also make your own sprites.

I used PSP7 to make mine. You can search the internet for 'bases' and go from there....There is a step by step Sailor Moon sprite tutorial that helped me out tremendously. It is on "TRSE: The Facets of the Silver Crystal" webpage's "How to draw tutorial" area under "How to make a GIF". Check out the site. It's GREAT! As for the plush and certain cosplay pictures and copying them...I do NOT allow them to be copied, etc. There was an incident that occurred that prevents me from allowing the borrowing, copying, etc. of ALL of my plush and certain Cosplay images. As I said, they are copyrighted.

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