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Q1 :: What Type of Plushies do you make?

Currently the types of Plushies made are humanoid and creatures. Sorry, But I currently do not make Mecha plushies.

Q2 :: Are the Plushes made for all ages?

No. Plushies are intended for display or Private Collectors/Collections and children over 12 years of age ONLY!

Q3 :: What are the sizes of your plushies?
(Sizes are approximate):

9"-12" (available in sitting or standing position)
Sizes vary for creature plushes.

The item page will list the size of the doll in the description area.

Q4 :: Will you make quantities of the same exact plushie?

No. Each plushie is unique in itself. I like making One Of A Kind plushies. However, I will make the same character in different poses/costumes or holding different items.

Q5 :: Will you repeat a character you've already made?

Sure. As stated above, I will make the same character in different poses/costumes or holding different items. However I will NOT duplicate a plushie exactly.

Q6 :: When will you be opened for commissions?

This is currently under consideration. You can check commission status by clicking on 'Commissions' on the side menu.

Q7 :: Will you accept International buyers?

Yes. (Note: all rules/guidelines/terms also apply to International orders as well)

Q8 :: Is International Shipping included in the plush price?

No. Shipping may be extra. Please refer to the item listing or contact Kodama_Angel for an estimation of shipping costs to your country. I use the Shipping calculator found on

Q9 :: What type of shipping options do you offer?

Shipping options are listed on the individual item page respectively.

Q10 :: What Payment options do you accept?

Currently I only accept Paypal.

Q11 :: How do you arrive at your prices?

The plushies are one of a kind, Custom plush designed and Handmade by myself, Kodama_Angel. They are not mass produced like the ones you find in the Catcher Machines, Anime Stores, or Online Stores/Auctions. I take great care and pride in designing/creating/making these plushies. I do not just slap them together to give you an inferior plush. Quality, not Quantity, is most important. Therefore, the prices reflect the cost of Labor, Skill/Experience, Time Expended, and Materials/fabric.

Q12 :: When is the payment due?

Payment info is listed on the item page for both the store and auction and on commission information page when/if commissions open.

Q13 :: How much time do I have to get the payment to you?

Please refer to the item listing.

Q14 :: Where should I send the payment?

Payment information is listed on the item page of the store and auction page respectively.

Q15 :: Do you take Payment Installments?


Q16 :: Do you trade?


Q17 :: What types of fabric do you prefer to use for your plushes?

I prefer to use skin toned Robe Velour or suedecloth (dyed by KodamaAngel) for the 'skin' areas of the plushie. I do not like to use felt for the main body. However, I will use felt for adornment/decorative purposes. Basicly, I use fabrics/materials that fit the character/plush. "If it doesn't look right, it isn't used!" Some other fabrics I may use are Velvet, Steamed Velvet, Stretch Velvet, velveteen, velour, panne, fleece, PVC, etc. Note: The eyes are currently Iron-on style.

Q18 :: Can I purchase one of the plushes shown in your 'Galleries' Section?

No. The plushies in the Galleries are already sold unless otherwise stated.

Q19 :: How do I commission a plushie from you?

Please refer to Q6.

Q20 :: I know on your Auction/sale that the plushie has this and this but will you add this and that to it?

No. What is sold in the store or auctioned will remain exactly as it was listed. I will not add or subtract anything.

Q21 :: I know on your Auction/sale that the plushie has this and that but will you make me one like it with this and this instead? 

No. That I consider that a commission and I am currently not taking commissions.

Q22 :: How do you make...?

I'm not a very good teacher, but, Runo has a wonderful tutorial for cloth dolls/anime dolls on her website. I find her site to be very useful.

Q23 :: Can you teach me how to...?

Sorry, no.  I'm not a very good teacher.

Q24 :: Do you sell your Plushie Patterns?

No. I suggest going to your nearest fabric store that sells patterns and purchase a doll pattern. You can then modify it to your liking.

Q25 :: Will you share the plushie patterns you use/make?

No. I spend many hours/months/years making/designing the different patterns I use. Many plush artists will not share their patterns due to the amount of time they spend creating and designing the patterns they use. Again, I suggest going to your nearest fabric store, purchasing a doll pattern and modifying it. Also, you can check out Runo's tutorial here.

Q26 :: Do you have anything up for auction?

Please use the Auction link found on the left side bar.

Q27 :: How often will you have a plush/item/et al listed for sale in your store or up for auction?

That depends on my schedule. I can only suggest to check both from time to time.

Q28 :: Will you consider Commercial Freelance work?

Yes. Please feel free to contact KodamaAngel at:

Q29 :: My question wasn't answered here. How can I contact you?

If your question was not answered here, please refer to the Contact Info page to find out how to contact me.

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